Personal InjuryThe Role Evidence Plays in Injury Cases

Injuries are prevalent and can happen at any time. Statistics show that injuries lead to around 4.4 million deaths annually and contribute to about 10% of disabilities in the population. When affected by an injury, there are some cases where legal action should be taken. 

If you are hurt in an automobile or other accident in Nashville, you need to contact a qualified lawyer.

Whether or not your claim will be successful may depend on actions taken shortly after your accident and the attorney you choose. A qualified injury lawyer will know how to take steps to preserve evidence and guide you to help your case.

Evidence From the Scene, Accident, or Vehicles

We are experienced in gathering and collecting the evidence necessary to prove your case. Examples include: 

  • Downloading “black box” data from vehicles involved in an accident.
  • Securing videos from nearby security cameras. 
  • Securing cell phone records to determine whether the at fault driver was using a phone while driving, texting, or to obtain the driver’s location data.
  • Retaining specialized investigators to examine the vehicles and scene. 
  • Directing the at fault driver to preserve evidence so that it is not lost or deleted. 

Witness Testimony

If any witnesses were present at the time of the incident, we would interview them to get their statement and contact information. 

Medical Issues

We are well-positioned to evaluate medical issues relating to your injuries. Bill Leader is an experienced medical malpractice lawyer and he and his staff are proficient in analyzing medical records and discussing your injuries with your treating providers. 

Hire A Nashville Lawyer For Your Injury Case

When faced with an injury case, it is important you turn to the right lawyer. At Leader Law PLC, we are compassionate and understand the difficulties that families and individuals face when suffering an injury. We offer a great combination of experience, personal service, and skill.

Our firm has lawyers that are highly experienced in the field of personal injury, and can help you overcome difficulties and navigate these troubling times. Reach out to learn how we can help you with a personal injury case.