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Injury Lawyers in Nashville, TN

Catastrophic Injury/Wrongful death

College student died in dormitory fire due to smoke inhalation.

Student at a state college died due to smoke inhalation in dormitory fire. The University was found responsible for failing to maintain required life safety equipment including doors that would close automatically. At trial, the parents of the student were each awarded maximum amount available under claims statute.

Carbon monoxide poisoning – wrongful death.

College student died due to inhalation of carbon monoxide from improperly installed space heater while spending the night in friend’s home. Owner of home violated numerous city code provisions in connection with installation and maintenance of heater. Confidential policy limit settlement.

Police chase.

Taxi driver diagnosed as manic-depressive failed to take medications and was involved in a high-speed police chase ending in a collision. The taxi driver struck the side of a vehicle driven by a twenty-five-year-old, who experienced life-threatening injuries and underwent numerous surgeries. Jury verdict in favor of twenty-five-year-old against both the taxi company and the police officer in the amount of $300,000. Judgment affirmed on appeal. Gleaves v. Checker Cab Transit, Inc.. 15 S.W.3d 799 (Tenn. 2000).

Medical Malpractice

Permanent paralysis resulting from surgery.

Confidential settlement. Husband paralyzed due to traumatic spinal cord injury during surgery. After extensive discovery, the case settled shortly before trial.

Failure to perform abdominal surgery.

Confidential settlement on behalf of wife, whose husband died due to surgeon’s failure to timely address leaking colon. Case settled on eve of trial.

Death due to failure of hospital to conduct pre-surgery screening.

Confidential settlement for wife whose husband died following hospital’s failure to screen patient for health issues (including blood clots) before patient underwent surgery.

Catastrophic injuries to child resulting from negligent diagnosis, surgery and negligent administered anesthesia.

Confidential settlement. Infant catastrophically injured when surgeon misdiagnosed tumor. Resulting surgical and anesthesia errors caused in permanent brain injury. Child requires lifetime care.

Failure to diagnose and treat bacterial meningitis in infant.

Confidential settlement. Pediatricians and emergency room physician failed to evaluate and diagnose weeks old infant with signs and symptoms of bacterial meningitis, resulting in severe brain injuries.

Negligently performed surgery resulting in lifetime dialysis.

Confidential settlement. Patient’s kidneys destroyed due to surgeon’s negligent insertion of stents. Patient required lifetime dialysis.

Failure to prescribe heart medication.

Confidential settlement. On discharge following heart procedure, patient was not prescribed appropriate blood thinner, resulting in a heart attack and permanent injury to heart.

Psychiatric negligence.

$1.1 million jury verdict. Psychiatrist admitted dangerous patient to psychiatric ward of local hospital. Patient presented a danger to himself and others and required restraint or transfer. Patient left room and attacked nurse, causing serious head injuries. $1.1 million verdict for plaintiff nurse. Judgment affirmed on appeal. Turner v. Jordan, 957 S.W. 2d 815 (Tenn. 1997).

Injuries to mother following birth of child.

$2.1 million settlement. After delivering healthy daughter, mother developed post-partum bleeding and was hospitalized. Obstetrician – gynecologist performed D&C but ordered inappropriate medications and failed to appropriately monitor patient during post-operative period. Hospital staff ignored patient’s condition as she developed hyponatremia from excessive water and lack of electrolytes. Patient suffered brain injuries.

Transfusion of infected blood.

Premature newborn in pediatric intensive care unit was mistakenly administered blood products intended for another patient with a similar name. Medical records concealed mistake and did not show that the blood products were mistakenly given to patient. Blood products were contaminated with HIV. Confidential settlement on behalf of child with hospital and blood supplier.

Complications from laparoscopic cholecystectomy.

Surgeon perforated patient’s colon during laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Later, surgeon attempted to repair colon, causing extensive additional damage, resulting in patient’s hospitalization for a year and over one million dollars in medical expenses. Confidential settlement day before trial was to begin.

Injury to newborn due to failure to diagnose kernicterus.

Emergency room physician failed to properly diagnose kernicterus in newborn after mother brought child to hospital’s emergency department. Due to delayed hospital admission and treatment, infant suffered catastrophic brain injury. Confidential settlement.

Plastic Surgery.

Twenty-three-year-old woman underwent plastic surgery to address injuries received in an automobile collision. Following plastic surgery and while still a patient in local hospital, patient developed hospital pneumonia that plastic surgeon failed to diagnose or treat. Patient experienced arrest in hospital resulting in hypoxia and catastrophic brain injury. Confidential settlement to include lifetime benefits and care.

Failure to diagnose tuberculosis.

Patient was admitted to local hospital with difficulty breathing. Patient’s physicians delayed diagnosis of tuberculosis and failed to appropriately treat. Patient suffered respiratory arrest following unsuccessful attempts to intubate and place on respirator resulting in catastrophic brain injury. Confidential settlement.

Product Liability

Defective transmission – pickup truck.

Pickup with defective brake transmission shift interlock came out of park allowing truck to roll downhill striking and injuring owner. Confidential settlement.

Defective product – farm equipment.

Confidential multimillion-dollar settlement against manufacturer and distributor of farm equipment. Operator of farm equipment was killed by equipment that was sold without adequate guards and protection.

Defective product – automobile seat back.

Confidential multi-million-dollar settlement against automobile manufacturer for defective seat back. A rear-end collision caused driver’s seat to fail, resulting in permanent paralysis to driver.

Liquor Liability/Drunk Driving

Permanent paralysis.

Wife and mother paralyzed when drunk driver rear-ended her car at a stoplight. The drunk driver had left a bar intoxicated. Settled for bar’s policy limits.

Catastrophic brain injury.

23-year-old college student struck by an intoxicated off-duty police officer while crossing a Nashville street. The college student experienced life-threatening injuries including permanent brain injuries. The bar where the off-duty officer had been drinking was less than a mile from the scene of the incident. Confidential settlement.

Brain injury.

22-year-old man stopped at a light in his Jeep was struck from the rear by a drunk driver, causing the Jeep to flip over, resulting in brain injuries to the driver. Intoxicated driver had a blood alcohol level in excess of .20% and had been drinking earlier that evening at a bar/restaurant. Discovery revealed that the driver had four previous DUIs and had numerous drinks that evening. Confidential settlement.

Catastrophic Injury.

Trial against bar for overserving patron who, after leaving the bar, seriously injured client while driving under the influence of alcohol. Judgment in excess of $1 million.

Wrongful death.

Early one morning, electrician at an automobile manufacturing facility was returning home from work and driving on a two-lane road when his automobile was hit head on by a drunk driver. Investigation showed that he had consumed numerous drinks at a bar/nightclub the previous evening in Nashville. After filing suit and conducting extensive discovery, case settled for significant amount.

Catastrophic brain injury.

Nashville convenience store unlawfully sold beer to two teenagers. One of the teenagers consumed the beer and was involved in a one-vehicle wreck that caused catastrophic brain injury to his passenger. Suit was filed against the convenience store. Confidential multimillion-dollar settlement reached whereby the convenience store’s liability insurer paid insurance policy limits and the convenience store contributed the same amount to the settlement.

Trucking Litigation


Confidential settlement for wife of motorcyclist killed when tractor-trailer made illegal turn into motorcyclist’s lane of travel.


Confidential settlement. Operator of tractor-trailer ran into farm tractor, causing catastrophic injuries to operator of tractor.

Multi-Million Jury Verdict in Tractor-Trailer Case.

Automobile stalled on interstate due to excessive water buildup resulting from sudden rain and inadequate drains. Tractor-trailer following automobile failed to avoid stalled automobile, striking stalled vehicle and causing three deaths and serious injuries to one passenger. Two-week jury trial and verdict for passengers.


Husband was stopped in traffic on interstate waiting for wreck to clear. Tractor-trailer operated by Canadian trucking company struck his vehicle from behind and killed husband. Confidential policy limits settlement for wife of the deceased.


$1.6 million settlement/Failure to provide uninsured motorist coverage.

Forty-year-old woman seriously injured in automobile collision with underinsured driver. Client’s insurer denied claim for uninsured motorist coverage that should have been provided under client’s excess/umbrella liability insurance policy. Settled after suit filed. Insurer paid client full amount of uninsured liability insurance that should have been offered under excess/umbrella policy along with payment of all of client’s attorneys’ fees.

Negligent Security

Apartment assault and robbery.

A twenty-year-old woman was robbed and violently assaulted at gunpoint in her Nashville apartment. The apartment complex was a “gated community.” Investigation showed that the apartment manager and owner failed to provide adequate security — especially considering past crimes on the premises. After suit and extensive discovery and pre-trial proceedings, the case settled for a confidential amount.

Home invasion.

Confidential settlement with apartment complex owner on account of injuries to a young woman who was robbed at gunpoint after her apartment was broken into.

Gas Explosion

Home destroyed by natural gas explosion.

Confidential settlement. Homeowner was asleep in house at time of tremendous gas explosion and was forced to jump from second-story window, causing serious injuries. Investigation and discovery showed that leak was caused by improperly installed gas line, allowing gas to accumulate in home and resulting in the explosion.

Plant explosion.

Client’s husband died after experiencing severe bodily burns after gas explosion in plant. Confidential settlement with gas supplier.