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Have You Been Seriously Injured in A Car Wreck?

If you have been injured in an automobile accident caused by the negligence of another driver, it is very important to have an experienced accident attorney representing you. At Leader Law, we have years of experience and all the necessary resources to handle complex car accident cases involving catastrophic injuries and wrongful death. We are committed to our clients receiving fair settlements.

Our firm has recovered millions of dollars for our clients in Tennessee, and in some instances, other states. We thoroughly investigate every case, without taking any shortcuts, in order to recover the maximum amount of compensation you deserve.

When you have been injured in an accident resulting from another motorist’s negligence, you are entitled to recover compensation for your pain, suffering, medical bills, and lost earnings. We will put together a step-by-step plan to assist you with this compensation.

Dealing With The Insurance Companies After an Auto Accident

It can be frustrating and overwhelming having to deal with multi-billion-dollar insurance companies on your own. They have deep pockets and resources to quickly investigate accidents. This is to protect their own financial interests and limit or deny compensation for accident victims.

The attorneys at Leader Law have extensive skills and many years of experience dealing with insurance companies. Insurance companies handle these cases every day, and so does Leader Law. We are prepared to help you obtain the compensation you need and deserve to pay for your medical bills, lost wages, and other hardships.

If you have been injured by a careless or negligent driver, you may be interviewed by that person’s insurance provider, as well as your own. It is important to speak with an attorney that specializes in dealing with the insurance companies before making any statement to an insurance adjuster. It may seem like they are trying to help you, but they are most interested in protecting themselves.

Our Nashville attorneys know how to handle insurance negotiations and will take care of all communication on your behalf. We know how much your case is worth and how important it is to you and your family. We have the knowledge and experience to protect your rights, and deal with any issues that arise with health insurance and personal injury accidents.

Common Motor Vehicle Accident Cases in Tennessee

We handle a wide range of motor vehicle accident cases for clients throughout Tennessee. They include but are not limited to:

  • Distracted Driving with Cell Phone
  • Drunk Driving
  • Cases against bars for over-serving drivers who then injure someone
  • Reckless Driving
  • Weather Related Crashes
  • Uber, Lyft, and Limousine Crashes
  • Pedestrian Hit by Car

Our Nashville attorneys have the resources necessary to handle the most complex car accident cases. Our network of medical experts, accident reconstruction experts, and auto part experts help us evaluate your case and help you recover full damages.

If you have been involved in an automobile accident and are able:

  • Try to obtain personal (contact) information from another driver
  • Try to obtain insurance information from the other driver
  • Contact your insurance company
  • Take photos of the accident scene
  • Gather names and contact information from any witnesses

Gaining the Assistance of a Car Accident Lawyer

Leader Law offers a free consultation to discuss your case and let you know your legal rights. Whether you’re a car accident victim or involved with a truck accident case, we will explain how Tennessee law can assist you in presenting a strong claim against the at fault party. If you would like to speak with us regarding your case, please call us today at 615-780-4100.

If you’ve suffered personal injury resulting from an accident with a commercial truck or another vehicle, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Contact Our Nashville Attorney Bill Leader

Bill Leader | Nashville Personal Injury Attorney

Bill represents people who have been injured in matters involving medical malpractice, catastrophic personal injury, wrongful death, defective products, and trucking/motor vehicle collisions. In his 39 years as a trial lawyer, he has successfully tried and resolved claims for individuals or their families who have been catastrophically injured or killed due to dangerous and defective products, gas explosions, negligent medical treatment, reckless operation of tractor-trailer trucks, bars overserving alcohol, aviation crashes, and more. He has also successfully represented victims of crime and assault in lawsuits against apartment complexes.


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