Practice Areas

Our firm’s attorneys have extensive experience handling personal injury and wrongful death cases. They understand the serious personal, financial and medical challenges faced by people who have suffered serious personal injury or the unexpected, wrongful death of a family member.

Serious personal injuries affect not only the person directly harmed — they also impact family and loved ones of the injured party. At our firm, we work closely with clients and their families to provide critical help in difficult times. Our compassionate attorneys understand that when people are suffering, they need a timely response and professional guidance for navigating dire circumstances.

We place substantial trust in doctors, nurses and health care professionals. Our lives can depend on it. When medical professionals abuse that trust, catastrophic injuries or death can result.

We believe that patients who entrust their health to medical professionals have a right to be treated with care and consideration. Medical malpractice can have drastic, life-altering effects, and patients deserve fair compensation when injury results from avoidable errors made by medical professionals. Since the inception of our firm, we have actively pursued claims for victims of medical malpractice throughout Tennessee.

We have significant experience with commercial trucking and automobile litigation. Specifically, we represent clients who have sustained catastrophic injury or were killed in auto collisions with commercial trucks.

Because of the sheer size of tractor-trailers, and the hazardous materials they sometimes carry, these collisions can be much more severe than collisions between passenger cars. Additionally, commercial trucks can pose substantial danger to other drivers because of factors including equipment failure, negligent maintenance, distracted driving, or a driver that’s operating the vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

We have successfully litigated personal injury and wrongful death cases for clients who were injured or killed because of dangerous or defective products. When manufacturers and companies make or distribute defective products that seriously injure or kill someone, they should be held accountable for recklessly putting these faulty products into the marketplace.

When we represent a client who has experienced catastrophic injury or the death of a family member due to a defective product, our attorneys will evaluate which parties should be liable. In product liability cases, multiple parties, from manufacturers and wholesalers to marketers and retailers can be held responsible for injury or financial losses sustained as a result of the negligent release of a faulty product.

Each year, thousands of people are seriously injured or killed in drinking and driving incidents. We have regularly represented clients who were injured in motor vehicle and other incidents resulting from overserving alcohol.

States across the country have enacted dram shop laws, often called liquor liability laws, for the purpose of protecting people from negligent alcohol consumption. Those laws place several restrictions on bar owners, restaurants and any other business that sells alcohol.

Too often, people suffer injury because negligent business owners fail to properly supervise and maintain their business property. Business owners owe a duty of reasonable care to people who lawfully come in contact with their property — meaning they must keep their premises in a reasonably safe condition or warn customers if there is a dangerous condition. We’ve successfully tried and settled numerous cases involving failure to provide adequate security or a safe premises.

Negligent building security can occur in any building, including apartments, hotels, university buildings, parking garages, business centers, hospitals or retail stores. In addition to personal injury that can occur when owners fail to adequately supervise their property, negligent building security can also result in instances of assault, sexual assault or rape, robbery, burglary, or theft.